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3 new updates on the Canadian ELD Mandate

Michael Ahart
Michael Ahart
Vice President of Regulatory Affairs

The Canadian Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate went into effect on June 12, 2021, and federally regulated carriers operating in Canada are currently in a period of education and awareness. Many safety and compliance leaders are on the lookout for the latest updates surrounding compliance in Canada. In July, there were several interesting developments related to the mandate.

#1: There are now three certifying bodies

The Canadian ELD Mandate requires carriers to obtain ELDs that have been certified by an accredited third party. There are currently three certifying bodies, as of early August 2021:

The growing list of accredited certifying bodies is promising to carriers waiting to obtain certified ELDs. It expands the capacity for providers to certify their devices and prepare customers for when the current period of education and awareness ends and penalties go into effect. For most provinces and territories, the period of penalties will begin on June 12, 2022.

If you’re a fleet leader, you can begin working with trusted ELD vendors now. Omnitracs is currently in the process of obtaining third-party certification and is already prepared to offer comprehensive onboarding and training to your teams.

#2: This association is pushing for ELDs for provincially regulated carriers

The Saskatchewan Trucking Association (STA) is advocating on behalf of mandated ELDs for provincially regulated carriers. The outreach efforts are being directed at the Government of Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Highways and comes after emerging reports that Saskatchewan’s regulators may be leaning toward paper logbooks for truckers who remain within provincial borders.

Saskatchewan will be enforcing the federal mandate on federally regulated carriers. The STA emphasizes that ELDs are critical to the overall safety of their roads, and ensuring that both federally and provincially regulated carriers are aligned on the compliance front will further cement road safety. Whether or not other provinces follow suit remains to be seen.

#3: Leading ELD vendors release a statement of support and assurance

On July 5, 2021, the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) released a message from the CTA Team Canada ELD Vendors, of which Omnitracs is a member. The statement, which you can read in full here, highlights the following main objectives:

  1. The team is confident that they will emerge through the process with certified ELDs that meet the Canadian ELD Mandates’ technical specifications.

  2. CTA Team Canada ELD vendors are working diligently through the certification process. Although it is taking longer than initially anticipated, the certification regime is working as it was designed to operate.

  3. Once the ELDs are installed in trucks operating in Canada, the streamlined hours of service compliance will produce maximum safety benefits.

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