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Redoubling our volunteer efforts in the fight against human trafficking

Brittney Anderson Casual
Brittney Anderson
Lead Culture and Employee Engagement Partner

Even in 2019, there are an estimated 40 million people being bought and sold into forced labor and prostitution around the globe. Human traffickers propagate this slave trade in every country across the globe. In the United States alone, hundreds of thousands are recruited from schools, shopping malls, and other locations in all 50 states every year.

Our corporate partner, Truckers Against Trafficking, focuses its efforts on training truck drivers and other transportation professionals to recognize trafficking victims, equipping them with the tools they need to help those stuck in slavery find freedom, and assisting law enforcement in arresting the traffickers that keep victims in bondage. They also partner with various members across the transportation industry. Take a look at this page and find out how your company can get involved!

This year at the Great American Truck Show, members of our team joined Truckers Against Trafficking in educating members of the trucking industry through the Freedom Drivers Project. This one-of-a-kind mobile exhibit travels the country to educate members of the transportation industry and the general public on the realities of domestic sex trafficking.

Thad Mims, Senior Marketing Operations Specialist at Omnitracs, said,“It’s always meant so much for me to give back, and turning a blind eye doesn’t make it just go away. So, I’m very excited to partner with Truckers Against Trafficking to help educate on the red flags for such a serious problem.”

We couldn’t be prouder of the Omnitracs employees who volunteered their time and energy to help raise awareness about human trafficking.

Click on the links below to discover how you and others in your company can become frontline heroes in the fight against human trafficking!