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Better Utilize, Maintain and Monitor Your Vehicles

The vehicles in your fleet are a significant investment for your business — and the ability to understand how they are performing in the field is very valuable.

With over 30 years’ experience monitoring vehicles, Omnitracs understands the importance of knowing the locations, engine diagnostics, and fuel usage of your mobile assets. Being able to report and analyze this information at any given time provides your business with numerous opportunities to save time and money.

From engine to tires, Omnitracs has developed solutions to ensure your vehicles remain on the road for years to come.

Vehicle and Asset Management Benefits

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Reduce Costs

Control fuel usage and prevent costly repairs by keeping track of exactly how your vehicles are being operated. Stay ahead of the game with Omnitracs’ proactive maintenance solutions.

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Increase Efficiency

Put the diagnostic data you gather to good use by identifying areas of improvement in your current assets. Identify maintenance issues and possible improvements in utilization.

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Promote Safety

Keep track of regular required maintenance for all your vehicles to make sure they are running in top condition. Uncover opportunities to help in the prevention of accidents and breakdowns.

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Improve Visibility

It will no longer be a question where your vehicles and other mobile assets are located. Omnitracs’ tracking solutions give that visibility while improving customer service and helping to prevent theft.

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We saw our stops per hour increase about three percent and our MPG increase 7.7 percent as a result of using Omnitracs technology.

Anthony Rocco
Dayton Freight, VP of Operations
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Learn More About How Omnitracs Helps with Vehicle and Asset Management