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The second edition of our Industry Intelligence Report focuses on 2021 long-haul, last-mile, seaport, and safety transportation activity. The eye-opening and vital transportation insights spotlighted in this report can significantly help strategize operations and optimize business goals for continuing success.


This issue will provide data insights into:

  • How the pandemic has affected the trucking industry – long-haul and last-mile trending
  • A look into the impact of the March Suez Canal crisis on the industry
  • Leading safety trends and a ranking of urban cities and risks for collisions

We track more than 680,000 assets and receive more than 553 million vehicle positions. In addition to this robust visibility, this report is made possible by our database comprised of:

  • Hundreds of millions of daily vehicle events across North America
  • 100 billion long-haul miles
  • Half a billion last-mile stops across various industry sectors

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