Omnitracs Accident Severity Model

Reduce Costs and Increase Safety through Proactive and Targeted Risk Avoidance

Even with the multitude of improvements designed into fleet safety over the years, severe accidents still occur. That is why Omnitracs created the Accident Severity Model (ASM) — to help fleets identify risk and provide timely remediation.

Omnitracs Analytics’ Accident Severity Model enables fleets to leverage hours of service data to predict and prevent severe accidents. With only this feed, from any service provider, we predict those drivers most at risk to the likelihood of a high-severity, high-cost, loss-of-control accidents — allowing for timely intervention.

Safety Predictors

Omnitracs Analytics analyzes thousands of data points to identify the subtle changes that collectively represent a pattern of driver behavior that leads to accidents, including those on the chart to the left.

Fatigue return on investment

It’s About the Big Picture

Contrary to conventional wisdom, no single data point can be used to accurately predict future events consistently. Omnitracs Analytics' predictive modeling technology uses all available data across thousands of data points to build a true picture of the driver's behavior and find the trends that matter.

Center of Big Data

We’re at the Center of Big Data

Omnitracs Analytics further supplements your fleet’s data with external data sources and internal insights we’ve collected since pioneering transportation predictive analytics. Touching more than 1,500,000 mobile assets each day, Omnitracs Analytics’ breadth of global transportation data is unmatched.   

Further, this data is used to create a comprehensive image of driver performance, and more importantly, a map to detect the changes in behavior that are proven to indicate higher accident risk.

The Proof is in the Numbers

Omnitracs Analytics’ predictive modeling and remediation strategies help you identify the highest risk drivers who are most likely to be involved in a serious collision so you can prevent accidents, reduce related expenses, and enhance overall safety. With proven results, based on a ten-year study of nearly 208,000 crashes, the Accident Severity Model accurately predicted 90 percent of severe accidents in the 50 percent of drivers deemed to be at highest risk. This proves that the ASM will help fleets avoid injury, reputation damage, the long-term impact of higher insurance premiums, and any other financial burdens that severe accidents place on fleets. In the end, the Accident Severity Model will allow your fleet to gain a demonstrable ROI and, most importantly, save lives.

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