Omnitracs Critical Event Video

Are You Ready to See What Happened?

Deciding whether to add video cameras to your existing risk management strategy requires careful consideration.  And in a market that seems to provide more functions than benefits, Omnitracs is introducing an option that strikes the right balance between cost and value.

Benefits of Critical Event Video

Fully Integrated Video Solution That Leverages Your Omnitracs Investment

Leverage existing communication plans, familiar Omnitracs applications, and proven infrastructure with a video recording solution delivering tangible results at a cost that make sense.

Continuously Recording Cameras at Multiple Views

With forward-facing cameras and optional driver-facing cameras you can get a complete picture of the situation on the road and in the cab before, after, and during a critical event.

On-Demand Video with Prequel / Sequel and DVR Functionality

Use Prequel/Sequel functionality to request more video from before or after a critical event, or DVR functionality to request video on-demand for any specific date and time.

Highly Customizable Recording and Video Access

You decide who has secure access to videos, which events trigger a video report, the length of each video event, and other options to customize critical event video for your fleet's risk management needs.

Low Cost Camera Hardware

Equip your fleet with low-cost camera hardware that is simple to install.

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