Omnitracs Driver Workflow

Maximize driver workflow, productivity, and customer satisfaction with a robust automated driver messaging tool

Driver Workflow integrates with dispatch systems to create a streamlined and automated driver–dispatcher communication system. Our technology integrates with truck dispatch software to deliver the right information to the right driver at the right time. The result? Improved truck driver communication and a more efficient driver–dispatcher relationship.

Our technology works to protect the safety and security of your drivers, while simultaneously boosting productivity. In order to combat distracted driving, this fleet communication system incorporates an easy-to-use text-to-speech function, keeping your drivers' eyes on the road.

Automated and pre-populated forms ensure that drivers complete required documents as soon as they are needed and in less time. Status updates and trip information can also be transmitted between dispatch and drivers more easily, thanks to our two-way messaging system.

Through automated driver messaging and seamless integration with fleet dispatch software, Driver Workflow helps lower operational costs and reduce errors made by manual entry. On-time fulfillment is improved by automating load assignments, work process forms, and other required tasks.

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Improved Accuracy

Validate data and catch errors drivers might enter before they reach the back office. By catching errors right away, you'll be able to take corrective action immediately.

Improved Driver Efficiency & Satisfaction

Automated driver messaging helps keep revenue per mile at its highest and allow drivers to better focus their efforts on driving, the part of their jobs they enjoy most.

Improved Driver Safety

With its easy-to-use, graphical interface and text-to-speech function, Driver Workflow can help reduce the dangers of distracted driving and keeps your drivers safer on the road.

Better Trip Visibility

Allow drivers and fleet managers to forecast an entire trip, rather than just looking ahead one stop at a time.

Enhanced Customer Service

Discover how customer service can improve dramatically when you follow processes properly and capture information in a timely manner. Driver Workflow simplifies fleet communications for drivers, dispatchers, and customers.

The overall partnership between Dayton Freight and Omnitracs, from development to rollout, made this project a win-win for both companies. We firmly believe that we now have the best-in-class on-board system in the LTL industry.

Anthony Rocco
Vice President of Operations, Dayton Freight Lines

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