Omnitracs Fatigue Model

Being Compliant Doesn’t Mean You’re Safe

It doesn’t automatically follow that a driver who is compliant is also safe. In fact, quite the reverse can be true. A commercial truck driver can be sound asleep at the wheel and simultaneously be 100% compliant with Hours of Service regulations, and only through a deep understanding of what drives fatigue risk can managers and drivers reduce accident severity.

Identify High Risk Drivers

With Omnitracs Analytics’ Driver Fatigue Model, fleets can quickly identify high fatigue risk and accident severity probability.

Leverage Existing Data

The best source of data is your electronic hours of service log. From it, Omnitracs Analytics can predict the most likely sleep scenario from any combination of work and rest, and identify which drivers are at the highest risk of a fatigue related accident. 

Fatigue Predictors

Omnitracs Analytics uses data from the four levels of driver duty status in a driver’s log to derive over a thousand individual data points for modeling fatigue risk, including those in the chart to the right.

Fatigue return on investment

Fatigue is More than Any One Data Point

Contrary to conventional wisdom, no single data point can be used to accurately predict future events consistently. Omnitracs Analytics' predictive modeling technology uses all available data across thousands of data points to build a true picture of the driver's behavior and present an opportunity for remediation.

Omnitracs Analytics further supplements fleet data with external data sources and internal insights we’ve accumulated since pioneering transportation predictive analytics in 2005. Touching more than 1,500,000 mobile assets each day, our breadth of global transportation data is unmatched.

This data is used to create a comprehensive image of driver performance, and more importantly, a map to detect the changes in behavior that are proven to mean greater accident severity and high levels of fatigue risk.

The Data Speaks for Itself

Omnitracs Analytics’ fatigue risk predictive modeling and remediation strategies help fleets reduce and prevent the most severe accidents. In a 6-month study of 1,765 over-the-road drivers (50% of the total population) using the Driver Fatigue Model and Sleep Management Program, one Omnitracs Analytics customer reported:

  • 7.2 times lower accident severity cost
  • 4 times fewer “loss of control” accidents (rollover, sideswipe, and jackknife)
  • 5 times fewer “left highway” accidents
  • 72% reduction in rollover accident rate

Over the duration of the study, drivers who participated in the modeling and sleep program had one rollover while the other 50% of drivers not involved had 14 rollovers, the normal amount for drivers 100% to Hours of Service regulations.

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