Omnitracs XRS IFTA Reporting

Automated Fuel Tax Reporting

IFTA was created to simplify the fuel tax reporting system and eliminate the need for separate permits. While IFTA has been successful, it hasn’t come without challenges. From deciphering driver handwriting to completing extensive paperwork, for many fleets, IFTA compliance is a time-intensive chore. What’s more, IFTA jurisdictions require audits of 3% of IFTA accounts, and penalties can include a fine plus interest, so getting it wrong can mean facing an audit and jeopardizing profit.

IFTA Reporting Benefits

Reduced Audit Exposure

Reduces audit risk by removing inconsistencies and errors in reports, and provides backup in the event an audit does occur.


Automates state-by-state mileage tracking/jurisdiction reporting to reduce the administrative burden of collecting state mileage crossing.

Reduction in Driver Burden

Minimizes manual form submissions to each jurisdiction with automated reporting, and eliminates the need for drivers to stop at state crossings to manually fill out paper trip reports.

Record Storage

Stores all records electronically for six years, eliminating the need for paper-based records and storage.

Compliant Mileage Calculations

Calculates jurisdictional miles using an IFTA-approved method.

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