Omnitracs Media Manager

Deliver Important Information to Drivers Remotely and Cost Effectively.

Media Manager provides fleets with an easy and inexpensive way to deliver detailed information to drivers remotely through a variety of media, including audio, video, and PDF files. This state-of-the-art application helps fleets easily stay connected with drivers, which increases driver satisfaction, knowledge, safety, and performance.


Send Training Materials Over the Air

Managers can address dangerous driving and other behaviors immediately, when it has the most impact. With multimedia training, easily deliver content to drivers and receive confirmation regarding when they have accessed it.

Provide Drivers Special Instructions with Ease

Sending detailed property maps or special handling instructions can improve fleet operations and customer service. By displaying the exact locations of deliveries and sensitive loads details, drivers and freight move more efficiently.

Keep Drivers Connected

Executives and management can easily deliver important information to individual drivers or the entire fleet. Media Manager enables enhanced interactions with drivers on the road and can increase job satisfaction and create a greater sense of connection to the company.

Help Drivers Stay Compliant

Drivers often require special permits and instructions. Fleets can easily send critical documents to the driver via a PDF file. The driver can then print the information with an in-cab printer, all with minimal or no interruption to his or her trip plan.

Feeling connected with regular company updates — whether video, audio, or PDF — has greatly improved driver satisfaction and efficiency.

Tom Benusa
Chief Information Officer, Transport America

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