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Delivering A Better Solution Today, Anticipating Your Needs For Tomorrow

Modern commercial transportation is a challenge, with high-stakes consequences that require companies to balance service quality, stability, and profitability while managing near-constant change. Increasingly, logistics companies are relying on technology innovation to help them address today’s demands and prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities.

As the leader in commercial logistics technology for over 30 years, Omnitracs set out to find a better way. For our customers, adapt, thrive, and grow meant we had to rethink the way fleets are managed at a fundamental level. See how Omnitracs is revolutionizing the way fleets and businesses are managed with Omnitracs One.

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Create better engagements with streamlined monitoring and management to maximize every driver, customer, and back-office touchpoint.

  • Reduce system and data complexity to simplify IT operations
  • Automate key processes to reduce errors and save time
  • Join disconnected systems and data with robust integrations and APIs 
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A unified environment connects and manages your teams and technology to provide an enriched management experience and improved reporting insights.

  • Single-source-of-truth management and reporting
  • Intuitive and customizable role-based user dashboards
  • Flexible and interchangeable mobile hardware options for every role
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Quick access to a wider range of best-in-class solutions than ever before to adapt faster, maximize returns and unlock new potential.

  • Huge selection of pre-integrated solutions for better time-to-value
  • Improved results and insights from AI/ML-enabled data analysis
  • Deep customization options and open-development environment

The Platform Evolved

Experience the next-gen levels of performance of a cloud-based mobile solution and turn your fleet management technology into a competitive advantage for today and in the future.

Ready for more? Find out if Omnitracs One is the right solution for you