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Optimize every mile with integrated fleet management that scales to meet the unique needs of your business

Connect the solutions your business needs when you need them so you can:

  • Boost productivity through Weigh Station Bypass, Smart Forms, Driver Workflow, and more
  • Optimize fleet planning with robust routing and dispatch solutions, and the Omnitracs Transportation Management System
  • Improve safety with Driver Safety Monitoring, In-Cab Video, and SpeedGauge Safety Center
  • Get more visibility faster with Omnitracs Reporting and Analytics and Insight
  • Share data with other critical back-office systems through third-party integrations
  • Prolong the life of equipment, vehicles, and assets through integrated monitoring
  • Gain flexibility in the field with mobile or dedicated electronic logging, telematics, and other devices
  • Increase compliance with Hours of Service, Vehicle Inspections, and International Fuel Tax Agreement reporting
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Simplify processes

Connect your teams, information, and systems to one data platform and improve communications, productivity, and visibility.

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Keep operations running

Receive updates to cloud-native solutions incrementally so your business isn’t held hostage by training or upgrades to on-premises systems.

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Give time back to employees

Let employees focus on more strategic tasks by reducing manual processes across your company with user experiences designed to reduce time and friction for drivers and the back office.

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Gain efficiency without the overhead

Leverage advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to unlock new efficiencies without adding IT resources.

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Respond quickly to your evolving industry

Take advantage of open-cloud architecture and robust web services to quickly access new capabilities through pre-integrated and third-party solutions.

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Connect to compete

Consolidate isolated applications and reduce redundancies to respond faster, and provide visibility, and offer quicker turnaround — no matter the size of your fleet.

Discover how Omnitracs One can be put to work across your business