Omnitracs Roadnet Active Alert Delivery Tracking and Notification

“Where’s my delivery? Or driver?”

Business is increasingly mobile, and in this age of interconnectedness, it follows that customers should expect easy, instantaneous information about delivery and driver status. The question, “Where’s my…” can cost a company thousands of dollars in lost time. Research indicates that a single call about a delivery translates to approximately $19 in customer service representative time. Multiply that by the number of vehicle routes and stops in a day, a week, a year, and the need to provide instant information is crystal clear.


Active Alert

Roadnet’s Active Alert delivery tracking and notification service helps fleets provide the information customers want and expect. Active Alert leverages actual vs. projected arrival time to proactively notify customers via email, text alert, phone call, or an embedded web application of a delivery or the arrival of a serviceperson. With Active Alert, customers decide how they want to be notified.

Reduce Calls

Reduce the number of inbound calls fielded by service or sales reps.

Great Service, Fewer Reps

Limit the number of customer service reps needed to answer calls.

Improve Customer Service

Increase service levels relative to customer expectations and adopt a “get it now” mentality.

End-to-end Customer Care

Deliver end-to-end care, from order to delivery to confirmation that a delivery or service is complete.

Real-time Updates

Provide real-time updates and alerts based on projected arrival times.

Customized Alerts

Tailor alerts for different groups, from end customers to internal customers, such as sales reps and merchandisers.

Roadnet Anywhere has already paid for itself 100x over.

Matt Baranowski
Logistics Manager, Baystate Wine & Spirits

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