Omnitracs Roadnet Scheduler

Optimizing Customer-Chosen Delivery Windows Automatically, Behind the Scenes

Omnitracs Roadnet Scheduler promotes efficiency, profitability, and customer service around both point-of-sale and self-scheduled delivery windows. By constantly analyzing the day’s confirmed orders on an order-by-order basis, Scheduler quickly presents delivery windows on which you can deliver.

Add Some Juice to Routing

This add-on to Omnitracs Roadnet’s route planning software has the intelligence to present available windows to each customer throughout the order period and up until the time window is filled to capacity. It even provides data based upon costs to allow for the configuration of discounts or other incentives to encourage customers to choose windows that optimize the route. Scheduler provides modules for single and multiple order modeling, real-time schedule monitoring, and a flexible API for integration with third-party applications such as Point of Sale systems.


API Configuration Enables Optimization

Through configuration of the API, Scheduler allows for continuous optimization of routes and schedules at point of sale, maximizing profit potential.

100% Address Accuracy

After the customer enters address information, it’s automatically assigned a geocode (latitude and longitude coordinate) and the closest match is presented to the customer for confirmation. This takes the guesswork — and bad addresses — out of the fleet delivery system.

Cost Differentiation of Each Delivery Window

Delivering to a customer between 4pm and 6pm may cost $5 more than it would to deliver between 1pm and 3pm. Scheduler lays it all out to let fleets decide the most cost-effective option for them.

Delivery Optimization

Deliveries are continually reshuffled to optimize routes while preserving commitments, so the 25th delivery won’t disrupt plans for the previous 24.

Delivery Window Confirmations

Delivery windows are reserved during the shopping process and automatically recycled if a customer does not order or if they exceed the timeout period.

A Perfect Fit

An ideal solution for the home delivery market, retailers looking to present an omnichannel solution, and residential providers promising appointment times.

Better Together

The Omnitracs Roadnet, MobileCast, Active Alert, and Scheduler applications combine to form a complete route scheduling solution for superior customer service, operational efficiency, and increased revenue opportunities. It’s a critical part of the entire order lifecycle, offering visibility all the way through the final logistics of the delivery or appointment.

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