Omnitracs Virtual Load View

The Easy-to-Use Tracking Solution That Every Broker and Shipper Needs

Omnitracs Virtual Load View (VLV) provides brokers and shippers with direct access to position data of assets carrying their freight — allowing them to easily track loads. Position data is automatically sent at customizable intervals using Omnitracs hardware (MCP or IVG units) or the driver’s smartphone through the Virtual Load View Mobile application.

VLV also allows brokers and shippers to use position data to easily identify loads that are behind schedule so they can make the proper adjustments in a timely manner. The elimination of manual tracking, reduction of overhead, and the ability to provide load visibility make Virtual Load View the tracking product every broker and shipper needs.

Broker / Shipper Benefits

Reduce Overhead Costs

Automate load tracking using position data from a carrier’s Omnitracs hardware (MCP or IVG) or through the driver’s smartphone or tablet using Virtual Load View Mobile.

Gain Greater Visibility

Receive position updates at intervals set by the broker or shipper to give customers more confident arrival windows.

Improve Customer Service

Use position data to easily identify problem loads faster so brokers and shippers can manage loads by exception.

Save Time

Integrate data directly into your back office system so you can easily manage all your data in one place.

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