Omnitracs XRS Black Box Accident Reconstruction

Fully Understand the Status and Location of a Vehicle After a Critical Event

Fleet managers and drivers must fully understand the status and location of a truck after a critical event, such as a sudden deceleration or hard braking. The data collected from capturing these critical events can then be used by safety managers to create tailored coaching programs for drivers, or provide evidence to investigators on what actually happened after a serious event.

Black Box Benefits

Organize Reports by Driver

Easily identifies at a fleet view level which drivers are triggering critical events for corrective action.

Location Data

Quickly displays complex data sets in both map and report view, allowing for information to quickly be uncovered.

Multiple Reporting Options

Reports by organization and driver to see all critical events and locations by date. Export options include PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Comma Separated Values (CSV) formats for additional analysis and document retention.

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