Omnitracs XRS Driver Performance Reporting

Fleets constantly look for ways to get the most out of their drivers, trucks, and overall operation. Driver Performance Reporting gives fleet managers detailed insight into their most important asset — their drivers.


Metrics that Matter

Our Fleet Performance Dashboard focuses on metrics that improve performance, including fuel usage, time, speed, behavior, and the trips themselves.

Fuel analysis

Dashboards and high level reports display driver, vehicle, and organizational metrics for miles per gallon, idling, fuel usage, and speeding.


Insight into idling alone is provided on a stop-by-stop location basis, including arrival time, stop duration, engine run time, idle time, idle fuel, PTO time, and PTO fuel.


Speeding and rapid speed changes detail how the driver, vehicle, and organization are performing. Maximum speed and grace time are configurable, to help fleet managers focus on the true metrics that highlight possible incidents of unsafe driving.

Trip Reporting

Get the full picture of where your drivers spend their time each day with comprehensive information about stop locations, arrival times, stop durations/delays/times, drive segments, miles, and fuel consumed.


Performance by speed bracket provides insight into brakes per mile, progressive shifting patterns, idle wear, and progressive shifting patterns.

Driver Performance Reporting Presents Top-to-Bottom View

Driver Performance Reporting quickly identifies the top, and bottom, drivers by each performance metric, giving fleets a quick method of where to incent the best — and coach the rest. Dashboard views present high level data, but allow for drilldown to get to the actionable information that drives results.

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