Omnitracs XRS Flex Forms

Flex Forms (FLX) allow fleet managers, dispatchers, routers, and safety managers to easily communicate critical information such as arriving and departing shippers, proof of delivery, incorrect deliveries, and even provide on-the-spot invoicing. With FLX, issues often associated with free form text or email messages — such as misinterpreting or losing information — are reduced or even eliminated.


Two-way Messaging

Standardizes messaging with form-based driver-to-dispatch and dispatch-to-driver protocols.

Drag and Drop

Provides a drag-and-drop form creation engine that’s efficient and intuitive.

Custom Alerts

Alerts based on custom form logic to ensure the right data is communicated.

Real-time Data Requests

Requests data from vehicle and driver without driver interaction, including location, fuel, HOS status, odometer, and much more.

Easy to Use Keyboard

Provides a handy QWERTY keyboard with pinch and zoom capabilities.

Barcode and Signature Capture

Captures bar codes, images, and signatures right from a mobile device.

Go Paperless

Builds workflows that simplify business, and lowers costs by reducing paper-based processes.


Allows fleet managers, dispatchers, routers, and safety managers to easily communicate the information that matters with drivers.

It’s been a powerful tool in terms of driver management because the critical information is right in front of your eyes. Black and white data removes subjectivity from the equation.

Shawn Brown
Operations Manager, Cargo Transporters

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