Omnitracs XRS Vehicle Performance Monitoring

Omnitracs Vehicle Performance Monitoring Application provides reporting that enables fleet managers to understand how their assets are behaving in the field. Performance data is accessible through on-screen display, is exportable to a number of formats, and allows fleets to even drill down to data at the individual vehicle level.


Better Asset Utilization

Vehicles that are underutilized are found and additional drivers or routes can be added.

Lowers Fuel Costs

Fleet managers can save fuel and fuel costs by finding vehicles that need maintenance.

Better Operational Insights

Truck procurement personnel receive a detailed view into how trucks are operated in real world situations through the operation profile, allowing them to specific truck operations quickly.

Proactively Manage Repairs

Vehicles with critical fault codes are quickly found and can be fixed before on the road breakdowns.

Detailed Reporting

Provides detailed reporting, including the operation profile and application of speed by band reporting. Reports accessible through on screen display and exportable into a number of formats.

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