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Get actionable insight into your vehicles. With Omnitracs Performance Monitoring, you can:

  • Lower fuel consumption 
  • Better coach drivers 
  • Quickly identify performance issues 
  • Easily view fleet data on one screen 
Omnitracs Performance Monitoring Screenshot
bar graph going up and to the right on a computer monitor

Intuitive dashboards and reports  

mobile phone with a list with multiple squares stacked on top of each other and flow lines on all sides

Customizable performance parameters 

green and orange pie chart with lines around the outside

Robust querying and data visualization tools 

mobile phone with three check marks in a list

Historical performance vs. target comparisons 

outline of two people standing next to each other

Individual driver performance scorecards 

magnifying glass with a long handle

Comprehensive views that limit printing and KPI analyzation 

Omnitracs Performance Monitoring connects with other applications over the Omnitracs One Platform and can be used in different solution sets, including:

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