The SpeedGauge Safety Center Offered by Omnitracs

Improve Fleet Safety with More Effective Safety Monitoring

Designed around the simple driver behavior that has the greatest impact on safety and performance, the SpeedGauge Safety Center (SGSC) motivates drivers, empowers managers, and provides accountability. Using SpeedGauge, fleets have access to a range of features for tracking and managing vehicle speed trends and driver behavior — the number one factor affecting safety and fuel economy.

Benefits of the SpeedGauge Safety Center

Reduce Speeding Frequency
See exactly when and where drivers are speeding, so you can identify at-risk drivers and reduce speeding incident frequency.

Improve Fleet Safety Scores
SpeedGauge helps fleets improve CSA scores by reducing speeding violations, speeding incidents, and risk.

Gain Actionable Insights
SpeedGauge’s powerful reporting lets managers view the big picture or highlight individual drivers — and a live activity feed shows incidents as they occur.

Reduce Unnecessary Expenses
Reducing frequent speeding means reducing fuel prices, speeding tickets, accidents, and rising insurance premiums.

Improve Driver Performance
SpeedGauge coaching tools help improve driver performance, incentivizing the best and coaching the rest.

Omnitracs and SpeedGauge Are Working for You

The SpeedGauge Safety Center is a driver coaching and performance management service offered to commercial fleets through direct integration with your Omnitracs Enterprise Services or XRS services. With just a few clicks, your existing Omnitracs fleet profile, including drivers, vehicles, groups, and location details, are imported into SpeedGauge. Once in the system, SpeedGauge’s customer success team is ready to assist with questions, begin a smooth onboarding process, and offer guidance on continuous improvement. 

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