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There is No Grey Anymore

Maximizing the Value of their Investment for O&G Industries

O&G attributes its rapid success with the program to the SmartDrive onboarding program and customer success teams. Leveraging the company’s experience rolling out video safety successfully, O&G began with engaging drivers well before installation. By addressing driver concerns about the technology early, O&G was able to separate fact from fiction. This set the foundation for the successful pilot. The pilot also demonstrated the value of a managed service program with a fair and consistent video review process conducted by driving experts. O&G leveraged the safety program, as well as the SmartDrive performance metrics and KPIs, as a core component of its new driver incentive program. These factors gave O&G the confidence to shorten the pilot from 90 days to 30 days and move to full roll-out across the fleet.

“The SmartDrive program made an immediate impact on our fleet safety—identifying risky driving while also highlighting the many positive examples of our professional drivers avoiding dangerous, distracted or aggressive motorists. The ability to integrate to our back-up cameras extended our technology investment, making the decision to completely roll-out a no-brainer.”

- TJ Oneglia, Vice President at O&G Industries

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