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Employee spotlight: Steven Serafimovski builds empathetic customer connections


“Even though it’s been twenty years, we still see so much momentum within the division. The market and Omnitracs Sylectus continue to grow, change, and evolve.” 

- Steven Serafimovski  

Connecting with customers takes more than technical expertise. Building an exceptional customer experience starts with human connection, and Steven Serafimovski has ten years of creating meaningful customer relationships under his belt. 

As a senior account executive for the Omnitracs Sylectus team, Steven has already begun celebrating the upcoming Omnitracs Sylectus 20th anniversary slated for November 1. He sat down with us to share his insights and reflections from over the years, along with what most excites him about the Omnitracs Sylectus division. Here’s what he had to say! 


Hi! How long have you been with Omnitracs Sylectus, and what can you share about your role? 

I joined Omnitracs Sylectus on the tenth anniversary, making this my tenth year here. I’ve been in sales and account management throughout that time and have seen us grow in so many ways.  

I’m primarily focused on new sales and have also worked in account management. I’ve been an Omnitracs Inner Circle (our annual award for top-performing sales professionals) honoree four times. That’s something that makes me proud!  

Can you share an interesting anecdote from your time with us? 

Early on, there was a company that called in. I soon realized the person I was speaking with was someone I knew from my childhood. This person got into the trucking industry, started a company, and decided they wanted to work with us. That was one of many companies we saw grow.  

A big part of Omnitracs Sylectus is about connecting people, so it was wonderful to connect with someone I knew personally and watch them grow. They’ve done so well over the years within the platform and system. Overall, getting to know customers and building these solid and lasting relationships is terrific. 

What does the future of Omnitracs Sylectus look like to you? 

Even though it’s been twenty years, we still see so much momentum within the division. The market and Omnitracs Sylectus continue to grow, change, and evolve. We’re still there to help those companies looking to grow, get started, and connect through our extensive network.  

As the expedite market also grows, and as companies begin to offer more types of transport, we are positioned well for that and geared to help new companies succeed within the transportation industry. We aim to continue to be that software for them that helps them grow into the future.  

What’s one of the most exciting aspects of your role? 

One of the best experiences is watching customers succeed and grow. A lot of them start small, start new, and over the years, they grow. It’s so rewarding to see. 

It’s also great to get a call from a new prospect who was assured that I could help them by another customer. That feels wonderful!  

What’s something you’ve thoroughly enjoyed in your role? 

I joined Omnitracs Sylectus and was new to the transportation industry. I’ve been working with an excellent team for ten years, and we’ve built a lot of trust together. They know they can count on me, and we know we can work off one another.  

What makes Omnitracs Sylectus different? 

We’re the market leader in expediting. Our competitors are going up against our experience. What has allowed us to grow is our ability to offer benefits on the expedite side of the industry. The networking side of things — the companies working with one another — has also driven our growth over the years.  

How do you feel about Omnitracs Sylectus turning 20?  

I’m so proud of the growth I’ve seen within the team and company. It always goes back to the customers and having those success stories. These are the customers we’ve seen grow, who have made us proud, and remain so appreciative of how Omnitracs Sylectus has helped them. 

We were so inspired following our conversation with Steven! We’ll be back soon with one more special spotlight. Keep tuning in to the Omnitracs Road Ahead Blog for the last story in the Omnitracs Sylectus spotlight series, coming your way this October!  In the meantime, read our first Omnitracs Sylectus employee spotlight.